About Guia

guía is a strategic research and planning consultancy.

We believe that infusing creativity and warmth into research leads brands to a better place.

Let’s see the bigger picture together.

Meet Jennifer Abad


Jen is a strategic researcher, brand planner and multicultural expert all-in-one. For 15+ years, she has been making consumer insights actionable. How? By uncovering and translating consumer insights into meaningful, connective frameworks.

She believes that in research, there’s always a deeper reason for everything. And there’s always something new to learn. This belief drives her passion to give learning the respect that it deserves, and make it usable, actionable, and impactful.

We regularly tap into a curated network of like-minded recruiters, field and creative professionals to help realize the journey.


Fun Facts

Guía means guide in Spanish.

It rhymes with IKEA.
But with our boutique approach, you’ll never have to assemble anything.

We are methodology-agnostic.

Meaning we create the 
best approach to solve 
the problem.

Clients have called us:

- Adaptive
- Ridiculously efficient
- Thoughtful
- Sooo Refreshing