Kid Yogurt

Unlocking the kid yogurt opportunity

Biz Issue

A national kid yogurt brand needed to stay relevant among a new generation of younger moms to promote growth. They knew they wanted Millennial Moms, but didn’t know how they should connect with them.

The Journey

Working closely with agency and client teams, we first leveraged existing consumer and market intelligence to help identify key themes and learning gaps. From there, Guía conducted a series of guided Workshops for the team to arrive at a focused communication objective and insight into Millennial Moms, which unlocked exciting new ways to think about the brand. Afterwards, we partnered with internal client Consumer Insight team members for creative, yet rigorous primary research that helped crystalize the strategy, and provided further inspiration to the marketing and agency teams.
Fun Facts

Guía means guide in Spanish.

It rhymes with IKEA.
But with our boutique approach, you’ll never have to assemble anything.

We are methodology-agnostic.

Meaning we create the 
best approach to solve 
the problem.

Clients have called us:

- Adaptive
- Ridiculously efficient
- Thoughtful
- Sooo Refreshing