Latinx Shoppers

Capturing the heart of the Latinx shopper

Biz Issue

A top commercial developer had identified Latinos as an untapped opportunity for a new retail concept in San Antonio. They had some initial thoughts about what this shopper liked, but had no real insight into what would draw in Latino families.

The Journey

Guía created a Retail Landscape and Workshop for the leadership team to help develop a Latino-focused retail concept. This challenged the initial thinking about potential offerings and the assumptions about what Latinos wanted. We then set up qualitative sessions among prospective shoppers, explored the Concepts, and afterwards brought the Leadership team back together for another Workshop. The findings reframed their initial thinking, and the retail center enjoyed a successful launch. Today it remains a thriving commercial center in the community.
Fun Facts

Guía means guide in Spanish.

It rhymes with IKEA.
But with our boutique approach, you’ll never have to assemble anything.

We are methodology-agnostic.

Meaning we create the 
best approach to solve 
the problem.

Clients have called us:

- Adaptive
- Ridiculously efficient
- Thoughtful
- Sooo Refreshing