Strategic Guide Book

Creating a Strategic Guide Book

Biz Issue

A rapidly expanding marketing team needed a more formalized and strategic approach to developing communication initiatives for a highly regarded brand.

The Journey

Guía and Landreth Creative designed a set of internal tools that provided a strategic framework the client team could use across key communication initiatives. The consultation began with an audit, including executive interviews to help inform tool development. Then, we worked to develop a customized strategic framework to help guide their approach to initiatives, which was articulated and visualized in an accessible Guide Book that adhered closely to the brand’s visual identity. Additionally, a series of training Workshops helped the corporation internalize the principles and new approaches, as teams (100+ people) put the tools to the test developing key campaigns.
Fun Facts

Guía means guide in Spanish.

It rhymes with IKEA.
But with our boutique approach, you’ll never have to assemble anything.

We are methodology-agnostic.

Meaning we create the 
best approach to solve 
the problem.

Clients have called us:

- Adaptive
- Ridiculously efficient
- Thoughtful
- Sooo Refreshing