Funeral Services

A new framework for funeral services

Biz Issue

The largest provider of funeral services in North America needed to understand how the needs of communities they serve were evolving. They anticipated the baby boomer wave would have a profound effect on the industry, with different needs and wants from those before them.

The Journey

Guía worked alongside executive leadership to design and lead qualitative and quantitative research to help answer an essential question: what is the innovation opportunity for this billion-dollar company to disrupt the current conventions in the funeral industry? That question inspired compassionate, in-depth qualitative research among Baby Boomers that explored their vision for end-of-life services. We culminated the learning with a large-scale, multi-dimensional segmentation study of North American Baby Boomers (inclusive of Spanish-only Speaking and Asian-language speakers) in the US and Canada. The research phases were punctuated with C-Suite level worksessions as the findings informed their brand portfolio, marketing, retail decisions and operations. Guía then partnered with Landreth Creative to create a summary video of the research that became the client’s corporate consumer framework.
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